GeoOrbital easy turns your bike into an electric!

GeoOrbital, a wheel bike that transforms your bicycle into an electric vehicle. Even if you think it was commonplace, until now you had to change mount to enjoy an electric bike. Therefore, GeoOrbital is presented as a great solution for many cyclists circulating in the cities.

The wheel has a 500W electric motor that replaces the radios inside and a removable lithium ion battery 36v. Compatible with bicycles between 26 and 29 inches, the tire is puncture to be made with a special compound and not carry air chamber. And the best part is that it will take only 60 seconds to change the common wheel GeoOrbital.

With it you can go about 20-30 km / hour and you will have a range of 50-80 kilometers. In addition, thanks to its USB port you can charge the phone while pedaling.