Cycling holidays Spain: cool routes and destinations

Five cycling routes for a lifetime.

cycling holidays spain

We all know Spain is a renowned destination for cycling holidays Spain. The list of bike-friendly destinations is endless. The variety of landscapes, climate and well marked routes make Spain (cycling holidays Spain) a great option for gentle routes hunters and rough rides enthusiasts. Here we present some of the greatest Spanish bike routes:

    • Ride around Barcelona at dawn. Stunning views of Catalonia’s capital and Mediterranean sea. This is a 9 km (5.5 miles) dirt track in the heart of Collsera Natural Park. It can be crowded at weekends so it is advisable you try to get up early for a quiet ride at dawn.
    • Historic route on a bicycle. St James’ Way to Santiago de Compostela is a must for bike travelers in Spain. There are several options, but the most famous way (known as French Way) starts closed to the Spanish border in France (Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port). It goes over 800 km (500 miles) to Santiago but only the last 200 km are required to get the Pilgrimage Certificate.
Cycling holidays Spain
Formentor. Photo: Vaidotas Mišeikis/Flickr.
  • Bike Adventure in Mallorca. So tourist and crowded in summer, but so beautiful. This mediterranean island hides surprises for cyclists. Ride next to some of the most breathtaking cliffs on your mountain-bike and enjoy unforgettable views. A popular hill-climb that starts in Pollença, a beautiful stone-built village. The 25 km (15 mile) route reaches Mallorca’s most northerly and spectacular spot: Formentor Lighthouse.
  • A pearl in Southern Spain for MTB lovers. Travel to Andalucía and ride a section of the TransAndalus bike route. This is a 2,000km (1,240 miles) tour focused on mountain bikers. The whole route allows you to visit all the provinces of Andalucía: the real heart of this region. You will also visit great sceneries: Sierra Nevada, Doñana National Park or Cabo de Gata (Cape Gata) area.
  • Spanish Central Range. Quiet roads and many MTB routes through these granitic, mountainous and extensive territory closed to Madrid. Also Flanked by UNESCO World Heritage Cities like Ávila, Segovia and Salamanca.