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We need people who are a cultural personalities of their city and who also ride bikes for daily transportation. Food, beer, architectural, art and fashion bloggers are our favorite!

Your job will be to curate a city ride, out of town day trip or weekend getaway involving a train, bus or ferry leg, if needed. All rides should be doable in normal clothes and be casual, scenic and on protected bikeways whenever possible.

If you live in these cities and are interested, please fill in the form: Seville, Copenhagen, Singapore, Bangkok, Barcelona, London, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Budapest, Wien, Munich, Hamburg, Montreal, Oslo, Lisbon, Stockholm.

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WOOW! Ambassadors

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A WOOW! Ambassador is a cyclist committed to the cause, a lover of bike routes in your local region or country. He or she is someone who loves cycling and has much material to share and generosity to do so. A change to this user WOOW reward with customices gifts related to the world of cycling and for sure will be useful.
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